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Your business is full of assets and losing them would be catastrophic.

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Protect your business and assets with custom business insurance.

Commercial auto insurance provides liability and physical damage protection for fleet vehicles that are used for business. Commercial vehicles require a separate policy because they’re typically exposed to more risk than personal vehicles. We can help customize coverage to match your budget!

We can help you explore supplemental plans, like dental, vision insurance, disability and life insurance that can help you plan for life’s unexpected events.

We help companies big and small to set up and manage their employer health insurance and benefits programs. We offer all plan options from group to individual plans to help decision makers choose the best options for their situation. We offer expert analysis to ensure that you have the best coverage to match your budget.

There are many different plans and options when choosing General Liability insurance. With the right liability insurance plan in place, you can protect your business from a lawsuit. Certain businesses face more risk of accidents or injuries, our experienced agents at we will analyze your business to find the best General Liability plan to meet your needs.

We have providers specializing in the placement of guaranteed cost Workers’ Compensation. Our providers have many years of experience in the areas of underwriting, claims management and loss prevention. Let us help you find the best coverage.

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How we Evaluate Insurance Needs:

Your Needs First

Our providers work for you, not any one carrier, so they can put your needs first.

Time Savings

Its faster and easier to find what you need with one of our providers doing the research for you.

Focused on You

Our agents know how to best guide you today & continue to meet your future needs.

Flexible Solutions

With more options to choose from, our providers can find the best insurance for you.

Smart Options

Our providers represent multiple insurance carriers with many coverage options.

Best Value

Get the best insurance coverage for your unique needs, budget and coverage.


Individual Plans

For today’s medical uncertainties, people want a product to give them the Peace-of-Mind needed to plan for tomorrow. DCCS has the edge in delivering that feeling. If you are looking for affordable health insurance plans, DCCS will shop for your individual plan within your budget. Our resources have several plans on:

Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Life Insurance
Vision Insurance

Let’s Make Things Happen

Insurance keeps the longevity of your business secure. Protect what you have earned.

“The flood was a major concern, except I know I had DCCS insurance coverage and they saved the day. We lost some time, but were able to return to full strength without a huge loss of capital.”

Jane Kalipski
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